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Rental Policies

Rush Fees

Prices and availability of products and services cannot be guaranteed without receipt of a DEPOSIT and your SIGNED CONTRACT at least 14 days prior to the beginning date of the event. Delay in receipt of any of the above items after the specified date will subject all productions and services to an automatic MANDATORY 10% RUSH FEE to cover any additional labor, materials, shipping costs, ect.


Set , Strike, & Delivery

Client agrees to provide adequate time for set-up and strike. If less than adequate time is available or if The Event Source Solutions is unable to begin at the scheduled set-up and strike times due to program schedule, weather, or facility access, additional labor charges will be billed to Client. Client is responsible to The Event Source for suitable backup arrangement for outdoor functions. The replacement cost of any items damaged by wind or water during outdoor events will be billed in a timely manner to the Client. The backup location should be specified when the event is confirmed. Rain calls must be made within eight hours of event starting time to allow adequate set-up time.


Intellectual Property

Client agrees that any ideas, concepts, or designs are proprietary to The Event Source, and further agrees not to duplicate or suggest such designs to another company individual. Unauthorized use of these ideas and concepts is strictly prohibited. Should you wish to produce the ideas and concepts included in this proposal without retaining The Event Source, a design consultation be will be arranged.


Returns, Replacements, Theft, & Damages

The replacement cost of damaged, stained, or lost items will be billed to the Client in addition to agreed rental charges. Client agrees to pay these charges within ten days of notification. If there is damage to rented materials due to theft or vandalism, The Event Source shall limit its claim against the customer. Client must report damages immediately. The Event Source Solutions shall limit its claim against Client to a specified dollar amount of the original purchase price. 


Rental Basis

All items are provided on a rental basis only and remain the property of The Event Source Solutions with the exception of those purchase items detailed in the proposal. Client agrees to provide extraordinary care to insure that merchandise is protected from natural elements , i.e ( wind, rain, ect.) and mishandling/misuse. Client is responsible for any theft, loss or damage to merchandise and will be billed accordingly in the event this should occur.



Client is responsible for any rider requirements for entertainment booked by The Event Source Solutions.


Late return policy

All rental items must be returned within 24 hours of the invoice date. There shall be an additional rental charge equal to 50% of the invoice amount for each day beyond 24 hours of the invoice date and shall continue until any rental items have been received by supplier.


Order Cancellation

If Client cancels an event after execution of contract, Client is required to remit 75% of proposed amount. If client cancels an event within ten (10) days of invoice, Client is required to remit to Supplier 100% of the proposal amount. If any product is custom-made, or custom ordered for Client, Client is required to remit to Supplier 100%  of the invoice amount.


Taxes, Duties, Freight, Customs, Fees

Client agrees to pay all taxes, duties, freight charges, ect. Client is also responsible for all third party fees such as rigging, lift rental, security, electrical charges, drayage, union labor charges, ect.


Jurisdiction and Attorney’s Fees

In the event of any litigation arising out of agreements, the parties agree that court proceedings shall be in Orlando, Orange County, Florida. In the event of any litigation arising out of this Contract, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover its reasonable attorney’s fees and court cost associated herewith.



An expected deposit of 50% is required to confirm an order and full payment is due one (1) week prior to the event.