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Being one of the premier event decor companies in Orlando, we at The Event Source Solutions have creative, budget-friendly ideas for adding flooring, staging, dance floor rentals, and carpeting rental. Choose us for your event lighting needs in Orlando or anywhere in Florida!

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  • Black & White Dance Floor

    Black & White Dance Floor - LD12

    Available in 3' x 3' Sections
    Priced per sq. ft.

    (White Qty: 104+)
    (Black Qty: 88+)
  • Parquet Dance Floor

    Parquet Dance Floor - LD13 (Qty: 51+)

    Available in 3' x 3' Sections

    Priced per sq. ft.
  • BilJax Staging - M07

    BilJax Staging - M07

    Priced Per Section
    Variety of Configurations Available

    Aluminum staging with a polypropylene black top that is designed for ease of use and durability. Stage sizes are configured using combinations of 4' and 8' wide sections, and are available at a height of 12" or 24".

    Starting at: $3.00

  • LED Dance Cube

    LED Dance Cubes - GL30

    LED dance cubes/two of each size.

    Two are 24” x 44” wide
    Two are 30” x 44” wide
    Not dock rentable.
    Cannot be set up too early in advance since they utilize the individual battery LED lights.
    LED light should be good for up to 7-8 hours.
  • Runway

    Runway - LD14

    Priced upon request

    Variety of lengths available.

  • Carpeting

    Carpeting - M02

    Pricing starting at $2.00 per square foot
    Event Carpet Rentals in a variety of colors and sizes.
    Carpet Runners and Astro Turf are also available.

  • Outdoor Carpeting- M25

    Outdoor Carpeting- M25

    Priced upon request

    Various Sizes Available

  • Aisle Runner

    Aisle Runner - LD15

    Variety of lengths available.

    Not available for rental - purchase item only


8 Item(s)

per page

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