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  • Elegant Bird Cages - LD20

    Elegant Bird Cages - LD20

    Produce a "Wow" effect in any room. Whether used to hold gifts or as a centerpiece, these lovely bird cages are certain to add a special touch!


    Large 29"h x 14"w
    Small 25"h x 12"w

    Starting at: $15.00

  • LED Cherry Blossom

    LED Cherry Blossom Trees - LD02

    Available in white or blue

    Can also be lit different colors from an external source.

    Starting at: $550.00

  • LED Palm Trees

    LED Palm Tree - LD03

    Various Colors Available

    Measures 11' Tall
  • Tall Director's Chair

    Director's Chair - C11 (Qty: 5+)

    Black Chair with Burgundy Cushion

    In addition to delivery, this item is available for customer pickup.
  • LED Firework

    LED Firework - LD04

    Vibrant animated display is sure to astound any audience!

    Stands 12ft Tall
  • Street Lamp

    Street Lamp - M10 (QTY: 7+)

    Vintage Street Lamp

    Height: 7' 4"
  • Prize Wheel

    Prize Wheel - M17- Qty(1)

    Orlando Prize Wheel Rental.
    30" Wide, 2' Tall
    *Can Be Customized with Graphics*

  • Bubble Column- (Qty: 20+) - PR04

    Bubble Column- (Qty: 20+) - PR04

    Variety of Colors Available

    14" Square Base
    7' Height
    (10' Columns also available)

    Requires 10 amps of power and access to a water source.
  • Rain Wall - PR24 - Qty:4

    Rain Wall - PR24 - Qty:4

    Custom graphics available at an additional charge.

    Each measures 90" H x 32" W x 18" D
    (Two Pictured)

  • Candle Walls - PR25

    Candle Walls - PR25

    These beautiful candle walls add an element of elegance to any stage, entry, or wall space. Available with candles or LED pillars.

    Starting at: $650.00

  • Sequin Wall Panels - PR26 - Qty:4

    Sequin Wall Panels - PR26 - Qty:4

    Contemporary silver discs can be displayed as individual panels or grouped together.

    Size: 4' W x 10' H
  • Inflatable Pillow Walls with Uplights

    Inflatable Pillow Walls - LD07

    Size: 8' H x 10' W

    Requires Power

  • Inflatable Tunnel

    Inflatable Tunnel - LD09

    Can be illuminated with specialty lighting.
    8 1/2' tall x 20' long
  • Inflatable Tusks - PR01

    Inflatable Tusks - PR01

    Our tall glowing tusks make a memorable entrance or accent piece for any theme event!

    These tusks are available in a variety of colors.

  • Inflatable Spheres - PR02

    Inflatable Spheres - PR02

    Glowing inflatable spheres add dimension and interest to indoor and outdoor events.
    Available in 3', 5', and 8' diameter. Additional lighting can be added.

    Starting at: $250.00

  • Feather Banners - PR23

    Feather Banners - PR23

    Colorful feather banners add color and style to indoor or outdoor events. Available in solid colors and tropical prints.

    In addition to delivery, this item is available for customer pickup.

  • Glowing Obelisk - PR55 (Qty: 4+)

    Glowing Obelisk - PR55 (Qty: 4+)

    8' Illuminated

    *Requires power
  • Giant Treasure Chest with Gak  - PR40

    Giant Treasure Chest with Gak - PR40

    Treasure chest filled with bounty

Items 1 to 45 of 86 total

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