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  • Park Benches	- PR117

    Park Benches - PR117

    Park Benches
    Variety of styles
  • Castle - PR29

    Castle - PR29

    Elegant white glittered castle can be used as a stage backdrop or entryway.
    Can be divided into smaller sections and is finished in the back.
    Measures 24' Wide
  • Ship Mast Poles - PR22

    Ship Mast Poles - PR22

    Three wooden ship mast poles with sails

  • Roman Emperor Throne - PR65

    Roman Emperor Throne - PR65

    An impressive regal Roman throne for your next event. This can be used as a prop or backdrop to set the mood.

    This prop measures 14'.
  • Rock Waterfall  - PR81

    Rock Waterfall - PR81

    This rock waterfall includes a small pond.

    **Foliage is priced upon request**
  • Bayou Swamp Alligator  - PR78

    Bayou Swamp Alligator - PR78

    This unique alligator adds an exotic flair to your event!

    **Foliage is priced upon request**
  • Saloon Facade - PR87

    Saloon Facade - PR87

    This saloon facade can be used as an entryway, perimeter decor, or even a stage backdrop! It measures 24' wide.

    **Foliage and fencing can be provided upon request**
  • Stacked Barrels - PR89 (Qty: 15+)

    Stacked Barrels - PR89 (Qty: 15+)

    These barrels can add extra flair for your events! Barrels come three in a group, and include a stand.

    **Foliage, lighting, and gazebo can be added upon request**
  • Split Rail Fencing Vignette - PR85

    Split Rail Fencing Vignette - PR85

    This unique fencing section adds depth to your event.

    **Foliage priced upon request**
  • Mylar Disc Wall Panels - PR26 - Qty:4

    Mylar Disc Wall Panels - PR26 - Qty:4

    Contemporary silver discs can be displayed as individual panels or grouped together.

    Size: 4' W x 8' H
  • Inflatable Spheres - PR02

    Inflatable Spheres - PR02

    Glowing inflatable spheres add dimension and interest to indoor and outdoor events.
    Available in 3', 5', and 8' diameter. Additional lighting can be added.

    Starting at: $250.00

  • Inflatable Tusks - PR01

    Inflatable Tusks - PR01

    Our tall glowing tusks make a memorable entrance or accent piece for any theme event!

    These tusks are available in a variety of colors.

  • Inflatable Pillow Walls with Uplights

    Inflatable Pillow Walls - LD07

    Size: 8' H x 10' W

    Requires Power

  • Candle Walls - PR25

    Candle Walls - PR25

    These beautiful candle walls add an element of elegance to any stage, entry, or wall space. Available with candles or LED pillars.

    Starting at: $650.00

  • Boxwood Hedge in Planter- PR121

    Boxwood Hedge in Planter- PR121

    7’ High x 5’ Wide x 1’ Deep
  • Brick Decor - PR66

    Brick Decor - PR66

    Priced upon request

    Our brick decor has two types; brick archway and fencing with brick ends.

    Foliage is not included but can be added for an additional fee.

    ***Our archway is not meant to be used as an entryway***
  • Stone Walls - PR115

    Stone Walls - PR115

    Stone Walls
    8’ High

  • Brick Entryway - PR41

    Brick Entryway - PR41

    Faux Brick Entry
    *Custom graphics also available for an additional fee.
  • Brick Columns - PR75

    Brick Columns - PR75

    These brick columns are a wonderful addition to any event. They measure 9' tall.

    Additional neon signs can be added, please call your event specialist for additional information.
  • White Fabric Columns - PR42

    White Fabric Columns - PR42

    Adjustable height up to 16'
    Includes internal lighting.
  • 10' x 10' White Canopy with Sheer Side Panels

    10' x 10' White Canvas with Sheer Side Panels - PR110

    10' x 10' White Canvas with Sheer Side Panels

    Price Based on a Single Day Rental
  • 10' x 10' Pop Up Tent - TE16

    10' x 10' Pop Up Tent - TE16

    Available in Black, Red, & Blue - Price for these colors are $195.00

    Price based on a one day rental
  • LED Crystal Arch - LD30

    LED Crystal Arch - LD30

    Perfect for Weddings, Entryways, Holiday and Winter Themed Events

    10' High
    16' Wide

    Indivisual Tree
    10' High
    7' Wide
  • Wrought Iron Gazebo

    Wrought Iron Gazebo - W03

    Height: 114”; Length: 110” ; Width: 110”

    This wrought iron gazebo provides an elegant overhead option and are perfect for various outdoor events.

Items 1 to 45 of 75 total

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