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With a full line of event bar rentals, the Event Source Solutions will help you transform your function space and complete your design. Our unique selection includes eye-catching traditional bars, contemporary bubble bars, and original themed bars. Often a focal point at any event, bars are a great way to tie in the theme and add to the atmosphere of the event. Furthermore, our glow furniture offer a unique touch and can be configured in a multitude of ways to enhance any function.

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  • Hand Carved Back Bar

    Hand Carved Back Bar

    Item: SF60
  • Weathered Oak and Hammered Tin Bar

    Weathered Oak and Hammered Tin Bar

    (Qty: 1 +)
    Item: SF38

    Ficus trees, barrels, scale, or lattice are separate and NOT included.
    Additional accents can be added upon request.

    Approximately 8' x 10'
    46" Height-- Main Bar
    6' Height -- Back Bar
  • Bubble Bars with Columns

    Bubble Bar - SF26

    Variety of Colors Available
    (Qty: 9+)

    54" Width
    46" Height
    26" Depth

    Must be filled with water and close to a water source

22 Item(s)

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