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  • Broadcast Desk -  SF49

    Broadcast Desk - SF49

    Custom signage is also available.
  • Registration Booth

    Registration Booth - ME07

    Perfect for Welcoming your Guests
  • Training or Conference Tables (White) - T16

    Training or Conference Tables (White) - T16

    Consider a new approach to decorating your next meeting space. Rather than using traditional tablecloths, we have a new look that will inspire guests: customizable tabletops. Seats 6-8 people

    Perfect for branding!

    These tables can be branded with a variety of colors that allow a ‘staggered’ look of modern design. Companies can also display logos, meeting notes, or even keywords to help reinforce the underlying message of the event.

    Share tables and seated tables are also integrated into the mix to create a structured but elegant atmosphere. These elevated tables offer a ‘break’ to the room design to help deviate from traditional classroom seating as well as promote an open sharing environment for information and creativity.

    Custom logos start at $75.

    Available Tabletop Sizes:
    78 3/4" L x 23 5/8" W (Qty: 6+)
    59" L x 29 1/2" W (Qty: 13+)
    47 1/4" L x 23 5/8" W (Qty: 21+)
    39 3/8" L x 23 5/8" W (Qty: 132+)

    Available Table Legs:
    Silver Legs with Adjustable Height - 23 5/8" - 35" 5/8" (Qty: 87+)
    Red Table Legs - 27 1/2" (Qty: 103+)
    Silver Table Legs - 27 1/2" (Qty: 268+)
    White Table Leg - 27 1/2" (Qty: 337+)
  • Light Grey Upholstered Furniture W/ Silver Studded Accents

    Light Grey Upholstered Sofa - SF100

    Light Grey Upholstered Sofa w/ Silver Studded Accents (Qty. 5) $450.00 Each
    (Includes teal and gray accent pillows)

    93” wide x 38” high

    Light Grey Upholstered Love Seat w/ Silver Studded Accents (Qty. 2) $350.00 Each
    (Includes teal and gray accent pillows)

    67” wide x 38” high
  • Wood Podium

    Wood Podium - CE51 - (Qty.8)

    24 ½” Wide, 19 ½” Deep, 47” Tall, 19 ½” Top Angled Area

    (Can be custom painted for an additional fee)
  • Easel - Flip Chart

    Easel - Flip Chart - ME02 Qty.8

    Priced upon request

    Great for all types of meetings.

20 Item(s)

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